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Latex formatting

It is possible to format all the text using the Latex formatting by setting the latex argument to True in the Plotter class.


from plotter import Plotter, PlotterType

to_plot = [
        "type": PlotterType.MULTITRACE,
        "data": [[4,5,8,6,4,5,6,5,2,3,6,4,8,4,5,7,5,4,2,3,1,5,5],
        "y_label": "$P^{k \cdot t}$",
        "y_label_fontsize": 30,
        "x_label": "$\sqrt[4]{x^4} = |x|$",
        "x_label_fontsize": 30

pl = Plotter(to_plot, latex=True)



The % corresponds to a comment in Latex and must be escaped using \% to avoid any trouble.

Copyright © Thomas Trouchkine. Distributed by an MIT license.